What is SRM?

Security Risk Monitor is a SaaS platform that equips you with the ability to automatically and continuously identify, map, scan, assess & grade the risk portfolio of all your assets, vendor and acquisitions from the PERSPECTIVE of a Hacker but COMPLETELY NON-INTRUSIVE . SRM assesses risk while focusing on 6 key areas of security:

Network Security

Network Security

SRM scans the cyber perimeter of your organisation and detect internet facing network devices, servers and open ports that contain vulnerabilities which can be exploited by malicious hackers to gain access to your corporate network and critical servers.

Application Security

Application Security

SRM maps numerous web and mobile application endpoints and scans them for common vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top 10s and checks if the applications are properly hardened to prevent data breaches.

Domain health

Domain Health

SRM enumerates all your public facing domains and subdomains and scans them for Domain misconfigurations such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, DNSSEC and Domain Takeovers that may allow hackers to impersonate your organisation and attack your customers/employees

Data Breach/Leakage

Data Breach/Leakage

SRM constantly scans thousands of channels frequented by hackers in the Surface Web and the Deep Web and looks for traces of Data and Credential Leakages containing critical data of your organisation and its internal employees

Hacker Chatter

Hacker Chatter

SRM also monitors Surface and Deep Web chat networks, social media portals and underground hacker forums to identify assets and entities that are being discussed on such platforms as they can turn into potential breach sites

IP Reputation

IP Reputation

SRM devours intel from millions of threat intelligence and malware feeds that flag malicious IP addresses to detect potentially infected devices of your organisation which are being used by hackers to steal data, attack users and spread malware.

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Get a free SRM scorecard that Grades your Risk Profile between A+ and E taking into account over 30 unique parameters of risk.
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SRM Risk Assessment Suite - How Does It Work?

The SecurityRiskMonitor Suite is a one-stop solution for all your risk assessment needs. Be it self assessment, compliance or even Cyber Insurance, the SRM equips you with state of the art platform to Detect, Continuously monitor, Evaluate, Triage and Remediate Potential Risks long before they convert into a Data Breach


Continuous Perimeter Assessment

The Perceptibility of most organisations is limited to an internal view of the infrastructure but in case a real hacker invades a corporation, what he sees is completely different from what the internal team has prepared. A hacker looks for low-complexity-high-value targets and pivots inside from the most ignored internet-facing entities. With modules developed by state of the art hackers, SRM gives you the mind and the eyes of a hacker and equips you with the technology to Discover, Continuously Monitor, Detect Anomalies & Data breaches, Assess Risk and Triage issues directly to your infosec team.

3rd Party Risk Assessment

Gartner Says More Than Eight in 10 Organizations Discover Third-Party Risks After Due Diligence Period and in the past three years, more than 70% organisations have confirmed massive growth in the number of affiliations with 3rd party vendors. Where most organisations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on securing their infrastructure and on the same side collaborate with vendors that handle critical company and user data. One weak vendor can tear down a million-dollar security architecture and with SRM, you can finally gain complete and instant visibility of the risk profile of all your present and prospect vendors.



When an organisation detects a compliance failure, almost all of the time, it is already too late. This is because the interval between compliance audits is generally very large and it leaves almost no time to fix the loopholes in time. Also, your security posture is ever-changing. You might be compliant today but that doesn't ensure the same tomorrow. With SRM, you can DETECT, MANAGE and FIX numerous compliance failures including those of GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST among others. This is done CONTINUOUSLY for all your assets and your partners which makes sure that you are compliant all the time and not only on the day of the audit.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance underwriters and receivers both can utilise the SRM platform greatly by gaining detailed visibility of an organisation's true Cyber Risk Profile. For underwriters, SRM is like a complete blood work for cyber insurance. It continuously maps out all present and potent risk of an organisation which helps underwriters assign an accurate value to policies. For Insurance Receivers, SRM helps organisation achieving a risk-free certificate which is trusted by hundreds of Cyber Insurers worldwide. SRM provides seamless integration with existing platforms for Insurance Providers and empowers you with native APIs to access and assess client data.


Acquisitions & Mergers

Organisations worldwide lose millions of dollars in liabilities created due to the acquisition of companies with poor cyber health. SRM solves this problem by integrating directly with your due diligence processes and helps you quantify the cyber risk involved with prospect mergers and remove the liabilities way before they become a problem. Moreover, SRM's continuous and comprehensive scanning allows you to keep an eye out on all your sub-companies which might slip past standard security audits and VAPT exercises. This allows you to enrich your entire Cyber Portfolio within no time.

What You Get - Deliverables

Get a Hacker's Perspective to your CYBER RISK - Continuous and Real-time

  • SRM RISK GRADE between A+ and E
  • High-level summary of issues for the CXOs + The Board.
  • Key RISK Factors affecting your Risk Grade
  • Category-wise breakdown and Grading

  • Business Impact and root cause analysis
  • Detailed breakdown of each RISK VECTOR
  • Patch information with recommendations

CONTINUOUS Monitoring Dashboard (CM Dashboard)
  • Interactive Dashboard with live filters and on-demand report generation
  • Continuous monitoring of your assets, vendors and acquisition
  • One-Click comparisons between all your VENDORS

Global Vendors Indexed

Vulnerabilities Identified

Unique Risk Vectors